CV: Henrik Rydgård

Senior Software Engineer

Founder of Millionth Line AB: November 2012 - ?

I'm now running my own business: see Millionth Line AB

I have consulted some more at SEK, and worked on some Android apps.

Netlight: August 2011 - September 2012

Netlight is probably the best real IT consulting company in Stockholm. These have been my assignments as a Senior Consultant:

Google Zürich: June 2007 - May 2011

I worked on YouTube Content ID. Content ID is a massively distributed, highly sophisticated system, mostly implemented in C++, that generates audio and video "fingerprints" of all videos uploaded to YouTube (a lot), and then it uses a variety of sophisticated methods to quickly and accurately find matches to fingerprints of partner content. It processes 100 years of video every day, matching against old and new reference contents. Just the sheer scale of the system poses a large variety of interesting challenges.

I started working on Content ID shortly after it had been moved to Zürich. At that point it was brand new and had many issues. We improved the system massively, and I designed and implemented many critical subsystems and several core algorithms, some of which became important infrastructure for other projects as well. While on the project I advanced to the title of Senior Software Engineer.

Illuminate Labs: 2006-2007

I did my thesis (efficient ray tracing of hair and fur) at Illuminate Labs. During my last year at Chalmers I also did a bit of part time work at Illuminate on an experimental GPU ray tracer using nVidia's native programming framework, CUDA., internship: 2005

After the third year at university I did an internship at in Fremont, California. I rewrote a legacy VoIP network monitoring application written in Visual Basic into a brand new C# application, which eventually became the new official version of the tool, shipped to customers since then.

Chalmers Technical University: 2002-2007

I have a Masters (Civilingenjor) degree from Chalmers University in Computer Science, with a specialization in Embedded Systems. Pretty good grades.


Technology Experience

Hobby projects

Dolphin Nintendo Gamecube/Wii emulator (2003-)

I'm one of the two founders of the Dolphin project, originally under the nickname "ector" (now hrydgard). Dolphin is the by far most advanced GameCube and Wii emulator in the world. Using Dolphin you can run even the latest Wii games on a regular fast PC. I have designed and implemented many subsystems of the emulator, such as the current main JIT recompiler translating PowerPC machine code to x86 machine code in blocks, which is what makes the speed possible. I also implemented the initial Direct3D graphics emulation including the pixel/vertex shader generator, the system timing architecture, HLE audio, and many others.

PhoenixStudio - PocketPC synth/sequencer (2000-2003)

PhoenixStudio is a virtual synth/sequencer for PocketPC (old name for Windows Mobile), originally inspired by Propellerhead's ReBirth. It simulates and allows the user to control three subtractive 303-sound-alike synthesizers and one drum machine. I wrote it in 2000-2002 and sold a few hundred copies online. I have since ported it to Android, but the UI still requires the use of a stylus or a very big screen so it's not really practical to use on Android phones.