Realtime computer art

If you don't know what the Demoscene is, you should click this Wikipedia link.

Warning: This stuff is OLD.

To be honest, most of my old demos are not really worthy of being called art. Nevertheless, here they are, in chronological order. From worst to best, pretty much. I have omitted a couple of them, too.

If you read the linke above, you know that all of these animations are really executable programs, written in C/C++, that render the graphics and often the audio in realtime on a standard PC computer.

Birthtro - 2000

This is the very first production by my first group, Medieval, released at Hype 2000 in Malmö. Software rendered. Birthtro on pouet

Entropy - 2000

Next up, our second demo. Released at The Party 2000. Quite a bit better. Still 100% software rendering, no 3D acceleration used. Entropy on pouet

X-Philes - 2001

My first 64k intro, released at Hype 2001? Also my first hardware accelerated release. As you'd expect, it's pretty terrible.X-Philes on pouet

Cosmic Beat - 2002

Another 64kb intro, released at Hype 2002. This time, I made the music myself. I kind of like this one! Cosmic Beat on pouet

Discotheque - 2002

Yet another 64kb intro, released at Underscore. Made the music myself this time too. Discotheque on pouet

Rapparkalja - 2005

My second 4k intro (yes, four kilobytes for the whole thing). Drew applause. The scroller is kinda juvenile but I blame that on Stefan. Also, "128 bytes left" is a complete lie :)

Rapparkalja on pouet