A Synthesizer and Sequencer for PocketPC and Windows Mobile 4-6

Created 2001-2003 by Henrik RydgÄrd

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About PhoenixStudio

PhoenixStudio is a virtual synth/sequencer for PocketPC / Windows Mobile, originally inspired by Propellerhead's ReBirth. It simulates and allows the user to control three subtractive 303-sound-alike synthesizers and one drum machine. I wrote it in 2001-2003.

I sold a few hundred copies - at a today unimaginable price of $29.99! Made for very nice beer money.

If you're one of the few remaining souls still using a PocketPC PDA or a Windows Mobile 4 phone with the right size screen, feel free to download the installer (button above) and play around.

An Android port, which will only be usable on Galaxy Note an on very large tablets due to the stylus centric UI, is under way.

The Manual

The PhoenixStudio manual is installed on your Windows Mobile device, but if you'd like to read it online, here it is (click here to pop out):